Members of the campus Angling Club have exclusive access to the campus pond and the club aims to make all members, recreational anglers as well as those who are more focused on competition, feel at home at our pond. We try to maintain a balanced and diverse population of fish by restocking and selective removal of predators, so that every angler can successfully carry out his particular way of fishing.

House rules :
Strict rules regarding permitted types of bait and attractor feed ensure not only that fish caught is suitable for consumption but also that the environment is not polluted. Except when it is frozen over, our pond is open every day of the year for the angler wishing to relax along the waterside after working hours or in the weekends. Anglers can obtain the program and pond rules from Jo Daams (see address below).


  • King of the Anglers :

In the summer, usually in August, we organize our annual contest for the “King of the Anglers” trophy. This contest is held at our pond and provides every angler a realistic chance of winning one of the very nice prizes. Contact Jo Daams for information regarding participation and entrance fee.

  • Campus Championship Series :

The campus Championship Series is intended mainly for more or less proficient competition anglers and the winner of the series will be crowned as the “campus Angling Champion”. In addition, via this series the competition anglers can try to qualify for the campus angling team, which enters a number of contests with other teams in the course of the year. The highlight of the year is surely our participation in the annual International Philips Angling Contest.

Contact :

Should you have any questions and/or suggestions, please send an e-mail to:

Jo Daams: or
Dirk Dragstra: