What is a jumping orange thing surrounded by a bunch of chaotic beginners? Yes of course, the Basketball section of your favorite sport club.

The Basketball section of Campus Sports was started as a small group of enthusiasts playing for recreation and fun. Nowadays, it is a small group of enthusiasts playing for recreation and fun. Some things are never going to change… We do not play competitions and we do not have trainings. We just share fun of the game, international experience and one ball.

Members of the Basketball section come from every corner of this planet. Greece, France, Poland, Romania, Italy, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, China, Australia… even Netherlands. Just come and you will learn how to swear in all their languages.

To become a member of basketball section you do not have to be a good player, but even if you are, we can tolerate it. Boys and girls are both welcome. There are no conditions which you have to fulfill to join us, except that you bring good mood. Or, to be more explicit…

Petite to rubenesque, lewd or discreet… Gawdy to bawdy, demure or in heat,
Fem to butch, shy or bold… Bony or brawny, young or old,
Husky or skinny, quiet or loud… Flat chested or well endowed,
Hairy or bald, short or tall… At basketball games, we love you ALL !!!

We play the games in the gymnastic hall of “Salto school Hanevoet”, every Wednesday, from 21:00. Address is Oldengaarde 1b, Eindhoven.
It is very close to Kastelenplein shopping center and not far from the High Tech Campus.

Price for this great fun is really minor and you are welcome to play the first few games for free as our guest.

For all questions, please send an email to: