Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, dance swing, theatre and music. It was created starting about 400 years ago in Brazil by the slaves of African origin and was also influenced by the Brazilian native people and sailors from all over the world that visited Brazil. It is distinguished by its predominant use of kicks, leg sweeps and headbutts, acrobatics and constant flow of movement. Core philosophy of the art is to be flexible and adaptive in attitude and physically by constantly transforming the movements and escaping the incoming attacks. That constant escape from incoming attacks (esquiva) brought to capoeira the fame of a “non-contact” martial art, yet one should never be fooled. A vicious counter-attack is most likely hidden in the next move.

In portuguese capoeira is called “jogo” and practitioners often call it “brincadeira”. The terms mean “game” and “children’s game”, consequently. The jogo between two capoeiristas is performed in a “roda” – an improvised ring of practitioners. The aim of the game is to trick the opponent to make a mistake and be caught off guard, or to make him/her fall. All this is done with a smile on the face.

A capoeira training is the preparation to enter into the roda. The training is divided to warm up and stretching, exercise and learning solo moves and sequences of moves, perform sequences two-by-two and finally – a game. Because of the acrobatic elements (like handstand and cartweel), the training itself is a form of own-weight fitness. The kicks dynamically enhance the stretching range, and the constant flow of alternating low and high moves serves as cardio training.

Capoeira boosts the stamina, agility, flexibility, strength and young spirit by challenging you both – physically and mentally. Would you dare to accept the challenge and face your greatest opponent – you?

Trainings are on: Tuesdays, from 17.30 to 18.30 at HTC 8
Trainings are open to everyone working at the High Tech Campus. Come by to try it out!

Participants are required to be a member of the Campus Sports club (total yearly contribution of € 13,-).
Thes is no additional fee for the Capoeira lessons.


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