De Boederij

Before Philips started building on the HighTechCampus, there were a number of farm houses. They all disappeared, except one.

The remaining farm house was rebuilt in the eighties with dressing rooms and showers built in, as well as an attic for table tennis. On the ground floor a real bar was created. In 1979 it was brought into use for festive occasions and since then it has been known to all Philips employees as “De Boerderij”.

Over the years, sportsmen have spent many hours at the bar in “De Boerderij” but also jubilees, retired employees and many others have used it as a place to invite their colleagues for a drink and a chat.

In short, “De Boerderij” has an important social function on HighTechCampus Eindhoven.

Management of “De Boerderij” is the responsibility of the Campus Sports committee.

If you want to rent “De Boerderij” for a reception or farewell party you can contact:

– Frank Wouters, Tel:+31 (0)6 20 440 519 or E-mail:

There is, however, one restriction: sporting activities always have priority when it comes to renting “De Boerderij”.

This means there are rules for renting “De Boerderij”.

Rules for renting “de Boerderij”

Campus Sports manages “de Boerderij” and sees to it that it can be used by its members.

The bar is let only to employees of High Tech Campus Eindhoven to celebrate occasions like:

jubilees, farewell, successes, birthdays, etc.

For renting “De Boerderij” there are some conditions:

  • Renting is only possible if there is a business connection, e.g. a colleagues’ birthday (so not the birthday of a partner or child or a celebration of marriage).
  • Renting is only possible from Mondays till Fridays from 16:00 to 19:00 hours.
  • The rental price of the bar room is € 5 per half hour (minimum of 2 hours).
  • The rental price of the meeting room next to the bar is € 10,00.
  • Most consumptions are € 0,90. Special beers in a bottle € 1,40, special  draft beers  € 2,00.
  • You can order peanuts with the drinks for € 1,40/bowl.
  • If you wish to offer your guests something else to eat, you will have to take care of this yourself.
  • For cold and hot snacks, like cheese, sausages, fried snacks like “bitterballen” etc, you can order these at the website The snacks will be delivered at the requested time and you can serve them yourself. Payment can be done with P-Card, creditcard, chipknip, PIN or cash at delivery.
  • Appointments regarding rent can be made with the Boerderij manager, Frank Wouters, tel. +31 (0)6 20 440 519. In situations where the above mentioned rules do not suffice, the Campus Sports committee will decide.


Want to schedule a meeting?

The Boerderij also offers a meeting room which can be rent during the day (08.00 – 16.00 hrs) for meetings up to 26 persons in a square setup.

The meeting room can be reserved at the Service Desk of the Conference Center (The Strip) by phone: Tel. +31(0)40-230 5527,or by email at

Catering in the meeting room can also be ordered at the website:

See you in “DE BOERDERIJ”! (Boerderij telephone number: +31 (0)40 2742615)