Martial Arts – Karate Do

Karate is a very old martial art that transferred from China, via Okinawa to Japan. Only halfway the past century it made its move to Europe. ‘Kara te’ literally means ‘empty hand’. This implies that the karate practitioner (karateka) does not use any weapons. Karate is originally indeed an art of unarmed self-defense. The extension ‘do’ refers to the use of karate to shape the personality of the karateka. It is therefore clear that concepts such as ‘discipline’, ‘respect’, ‘morality’ and ‘self-reflection’ are key concepts.

In 2007 we started the Martial Arts Karate-Do Section of Campus Sports and we chose to call it Ikenamikan that in Japanese means “school of the wave in the lake”. We chose this name for at least two reasons. Join the trainings and you will find out!


The trainings take place in Zaal 5 at:

Fontys Sporthogeschool
Theo Koomenlaan 3
5644 HZ Eindhoven

It’s very near the High Tech Campus.


Monday 17:30-19:00
Thursday 18:00-19:30

Trainings are open to everyone working at the High Tech Campus. Participants are required to be a member of Campus Sports. Come by to try it out!


We train during the whole year.

Price: € 60 per year

Participants are required to be a member of Campus Sports with a yearly contribution of € 8. On top of it, an additional fee of € 60 per year applies for this section.

Rules & Regulations:


Preparation / warming-up: (general description – example text (approx. 400 – 500 text characters)

We train bare feet wearing a white karate-gi and a (colored) belt. Beginners can wear normal fitness cloths until they decide to acquire a karate-gi.No special protections are required.

Level of experience:

Both beginners and advanced karateka are welcome! Contact ours instructors for more details.


Competitions & Seminars

We typically do not take part to competitions, but if you are interested we can coach you to join national or international tournaments. Our instructors have extensive experience in competitions as competitors as well as coaches.

We regularly take part to national and international karate seminars (mostly Europe) and we organize yearly exchanges with karate schools from other countries (Italy, Hungary).



About your instructors:

Elmo Diederiks is a gifted karateka and former member of the national team of the Karate-Do Federation representing The Netherlands at many international tournaments including European Championships. On a national level he has been at the absolute top of ‘kata’ for many years. He has been Dutch Champion for three years in a row. He is 5th Dan and NOC-NSF certified instructor level 4.

Mauro Barbieri has 29 years of karate experience. He started training traditional karate in Italy and continued in The Netherlands when is started working for Philips Research. At the moment he is 4th Dan both in The Netherlands and Italy and NOC-NSF certified instructor level 2.

More information about the sport:

More information on the Dutch Karate-Do federation can be found on:

Questions? Should you have any questions and/or suggestions, please send an e-mail to:

Mauro Barbieri:
Elmo Diederiks: