Motor Club

Crossing regions and countries on your motorbike is the best way to see as much of the beautiful landscapes and enjoy nature. Touristic use of the motorcycle by organizing and riding tours is therefore the main activity of our Motor Club. Besides day-tours we also organize longer lasting holidays to be able to explore areas that are not directly within our reach.

In the winter season we set up activities that have a link with motorcycling, such as a visit to a Motor Show, indoor karting, an information / theory workshop on traffic safety or lifesaving act in a motorcycle accident, information session on motorcycle tires or suspension, a GPS workshop and many more activities which can be found on our website.

The Motor Club possesses a motorcycle trailer which is parked at the High Tech Campus and can be rented for a small fee. This motorcycle trailer is a single axis trailer with supporting brakes, suitable for carrying one or two motorcycles. It can be used for motorcycle activities of the Motor Club but also for private activities and holidays. Details to be found on our website.

Our club name, “MC Spat.Lab.”, originates from the name of the High Tech Campus area many years ago when the complex was called the “Philips Natuurkundig Laboratorium”, NatLab for short. Spat.lab also sounds like the Dutch “spatlap” which is a mudflap. Combining NatLab and Spatlap resulted into our club name “MC Spat.Lab” (MC stands for Motor Club).


We don’t have a fixed club location. We have a yearly members meeting at the “Boerderij” on the High Tech Campus, and further we meet at a specific (start point) location as communicated for the specific club event.



All activities are open and can be attended by non-members as well. Club members get a discount per event and pay a yearly contribution.

  • Philips employees: The basic yearly contribution is € 30.00 per
    person, collected by Campus Sports, once a year and a € 15.00 per person, to be paid yearly on bank account (NL83ABNA0425810151) to MC Spat.Lab, stating “Contribution MC Spat.Lab.”.
  • Non-Philips Employees: The basic yearly contribution is € 45.00
    per person, this amount is to be paid yearly on bank account
    (NL83ABNA0425810151) to MC Spat.Lab, stating “Contribution MC Spat.Lab.”.


Rules & Regulations

We don’t have additional rules and regulations on top of the general traffic regulations applicable for motorcyclists. We do provide guidelines and tips when travelling / motorcycling in groups.

Whatever we do, safety is always our focus. Therefore we do our best to help you keep your knowledge about motorcycling refreshed and up to date.
Furthermore, we join Increased Driving Courses of KNMV / NVVM. Some insurance companies recognize the value of these courses and offer 10% discount on insurance.

Level of experience

Anyone who is enthusiastic about motorcycles / motorcycling can join Motor Club (MC) Spat.Lab. It is not necessary to own a motorcycle, or even to have a driver’s license “A” to join the club. The club is for everyone who has motorcycling as a hobby and wants to share related experiences with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. There is no preference in our club regarding motorcycles (from Aprilia to Yamaha) nor age. We focus on the pleasure of motorcycling and everything related to it, so besides “travelling” also the socializing and relaxing.

More information about the sport

More information on the Spat.Lab Motor Club can be found on our website:



Activities are planned by an activities committee, consisting of club members and motorcycle enthusiasts Anja Welvaarts, Leonor Orban, Gerry van Someren, Jeroen Alink, Frank Vork and Mark van Veghel. Contact / correspondence, administration and financial housekeeping is done by Anja Welvaarts. Anja works as Manager Philips Jet-Net @ HTC  in Eindhoven and is riding a Cagiva Raptor 650. A Membership Application Form can be obtained from Anja Welvaarts as well. So if you have any questions about our club please contact her.

Building: High Tech Campus, HTC34.5.058
Phone: 06-49655563