Rules & Regulations

Please check our general Rules & Regulations for use of the Campus Sports (outdoor) sport facilities

Campus General rules:

  • Use of the facilities is at your own risk. The Campus will not take any responsibility for injuries or accidents.
  • For use of the facilities, membership of Campus Sports is obligatory (5 Euro per year, fill in the entry form).
  • Activities are allowed till 23.00 hours (also in weekend). Lights are shutdown automatically.
  • All members of Campus Sports have access to the dressing rooms via their badge.
  • Guests are allowed as long as they are not the majority of people joining the game.
  • Park your car in the designated areas. Parking Garage ‘P0′ is just a minute away.
  • Park your bicycle in the designated area.
  • Leave the facilities behind as you found them on arrival.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail
To help you enjoy the sports, please check the following rules and tips;
Rules for Tennis

  • If you want to play outside Campus Opening hours (working days, 06.30 – 20.30 hours) send an e-mail to and on arrival call in at The Security Office.
  • If all courts are occupied on arrival maximum waiting time is half an hour.
  • During the summer months on Saturdays, from 10.00 – 14.00 hours, two courts are reserved for competition.

Rules for Soccer (outside Campus Competition)

  • Contact to check availability and supply him with a list with of players joining the game.

Rules for Volleyball

Rules for Basketball, hard court pitch


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