The Tennis Section of Campus Sports aims to make all members, either beginner, or advanced player at home in tennis. The tennis courts at the campus are available as of April 4, 2007. Every member of Campus Sports can use these all-weather courts. Since this year (2014), we have two new section members, who aim to make tennis a part of the Campus’s events, and organize fun, sportive events. To be a member of the Campus Sports Tennis Section thus means to meet, play with or against your other sportive tennis enthusiasts.

Location and Rules & Regulations:
The all –weather tennis courts are located in the High Tech Campus Sportbos.

Please follow the rules and regulations underneath to keep the tennis courts neat and playable for everyone.

– The tennis courts can be used all year round, except for with glazed frost, thaw or when there is snow is on the courts.

– The tennis courts can be used by everyone who is a member of Campus Sports.

– A reservation is not needed. You can just show up and play. When new players arrive while all courts are occupied, the first in first out principle counts. However, players may finish their play with a maximum of 30 minutes.

– Only use the tennis courts when wearing proper and clean tennis shoes with non-marking soles so as not to damage or mark the court.

– Do not lean on or climb over the tennis nets.

– Chewing gum, fire, cigarettes and glass are not permitted on court.

– Please take your litter off court with you and deposit in the bins between the tennis and soccer courts.

– Please sweep the tennis courts after use, except after rainfall. Sweep from the outside in into circles that keep getting smaller.

– Please send an email to the section leaders in case of damage or imperfections to the tennis courts.

The Campus Sports tennis section does unfortunately not provide tennis courses at the moment. Please send the contact persons of the tennis sections an email when interested in tennis training, any other events or when you have ideas regarding new events. We will then, if there is sufficient interest, see what we can arrange.

The tennis courts can be used all year round. However, most events will be organized from April until November.

Price: n.a.
The tennis courts can be used by everyone who is a member of Campus Sports.

Level of experience:
Both beginners and advanced tennis players are welcome! During events we will try to take differences in playing level into account as much as possible. 

Competitions & events:

Campus Sports Tennis Tournament
Every year, during the campus sport day a tennis tournament is organized. All tennis
players, beginner or advanced, can participate.

Other events

The section contact persons, Rob and Sandra, just started. We have many ideas for nice competitions and events and there is much to come in this section. Underneath some examples of our ideas. We would like to hear from the section members about their interest. Please send us an email when you are interesting in the events underneath or when you have other ideas regarding events.

Ladder competition – challenge the tennis player that is positioned above you.

Autumn/spring competition – play with your mix/double partner against other tennisplayers every month. Double teams organize every tennis game themselves within a period of one month.

Tennis tournaments – tournament of e.g. a day, week.

Tennis clinics

More information about the sport:
More information on the Dutch Tennis Federation can be found on:

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Rob Bosma:
Mobile Tel nr.: +31 6 58113232

Sandra Vosbergen:
Mobile Tel nr.: +31 6 15078325